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CrossFit Big Guava offers a variety of classes, each with their own focus and purpose.
Every class accommodates all levels of fitness from beginner to elite,
and are taught by our experienced and knowledgeable Coaches.


Barbell Cycling


Descriptions of each Class are listed below

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Constantly Varied
Functional Movement
High Intensity

CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. At CrossFit Big Guava, the workouts vary daily, and often incorporate gymnastics, barbell cycling, running, rowing, biking and more. Every movement in our Workout of the Day (WOD) can be specially tailored to each athlete's abilities. Whether an experienced CrossFit athlete at an Elite level or just starting out, the programming at CFBG will help you reach your fitness goals at your own pace.

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Guava Strong

CFBG Barbell Cycling class is designed to help athletes get stronger and more efficient at moving the barbell for multiple repetitions. The programming incorporates light-to-moderate weight barbell cycling, technique drills, heavier weight loads to find max lifts, and accessory work. Athletes determine the weight on their barbells based off their own strength and abilities, and will experience a significant improvement in their barbell efficiencies and strength in CrossFit workouts with consistent training.

*Tuesday at 6:30pm

*Barbell Cycling is not available as an Intro Class 

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CrossFit without the Barbell

Redline incorporates a wide range of movements and equipment with the intent to strengthen high intensity training and improve technical skills. While there is no barbell used in Redline, athletes will utilize odd objects, ropes, rowers, air bikes, dumbbells, and boxes to name a few. Athletes will also learn and/or improve technical skills such as the muscle up, chest to bar, and handstand walks with consistent training.  

*Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 5:30pm

*Redline is not available as an Intro Class 

Classes: About
Classes: Welcome
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